Urine and Drugs Testing

Urine and Drugs Testing

The Clearinghouse is a secure online database that gives our valued DOT clients, the FMCSA, CANADIAN Driver Licensing Agencies, and CANADIAN law enforcement personnel real-time access to important information about commercial driver’s drug and alcohol program violations. The intention of the Clearinghouse intends to increase roadway safety by doing the following:

  •  Making it easier to identify drivers’ past drug and alcohol violations and determine eligibility to drive

  • Help to ensure drivers receive required evaluation & treatment before returning to the roadway

  • Making it easier for the US DOT’s FMCSA to audit and enforce DOT regulations

Village Family Medical Health Group provides the following services

  • Report positive alcohol & drug violations to the Clearinghouse

  • Conduct queries of driver’s records in the Clearinghouse

  • Archive and ensure all documentation is available to a client when audited by the DOT

  • Manage the driver consent process

  • Provide webinars and educational videos

  • Provide updates to alcohol & drug policies