About us

Our Why

To build a healthier and safer world.

Our How

We empower our people to deliver mind-blowing service by providing them with the culture, opportunity, and innovative tools they need to thrive.

We empower our clients to build healthy and safe workplaces for their workers by providing a wide range of fitness-for-duty testing, assessment, and treatment services, along with program development, program management, and education.

Our Family Values


We believe in taking time to have fun even though we do serious work. We laugh together and laugh at ourselves. We believe that people who have fun at work are less stressed, more productive, more innovate and more collaborative.


We are real people. We are warm, vulnerable, humble, compassionate, approachable, and friendly. We will treat everyone with respect, fairness, and understanding. We will strive to earn the trust of our employees, our clients, and our communities.


Village Medical Family Health Group is built on sheer grit and determination. We have a fiery passion for what we do. Together, we will address challenges, navigate through changes, and offer positive solutions.


People remain at the center of what we do. We continuously strive to provide the mind-blowing service that our people, our clients, and their workers deserve.


We remain open, flexible, and adaptable. We are committed to maintaining a positive outlook at all times. We picture many possibilities as we navigate to overcome challenges.


We remain open, flexible, and adaptable. We are committed to maintaining a solution-focused, positive outlook at all times. We envision possibilities and we navigate to overcome the challenges.



M.D.Waqar Cheema

I developed a passion for medicine with time and during my schooling. My great teachers and parents taught me the virtues of life, and I felt that medicine is one way I can add many virtues in one majestic profession. I wanted to help people in need, who need to talk about their health and prospects of a life with the disease they are living in. Giving hope and giving people awareness of health and spiritual health is my goal and passion. It is a joy forever to have the life of a doctor on a daily basis. I have been practicing family medicine since 2007. My patient population is growing continually to this day. My other area of interest and practice is chronic pain management.

M.D. Sabha Cheema

Coming from a family of physicians, it has always been a motivation and an inspiration to treat the sick and always helping others. Seeing the same families with old and young generations over the years seems to be the most enjoyable and trustworthy relationship to have. Of course, job security has always been a priority as a physician to keep our family life as smooth and as peaceful as possible. My span of practice requires family medicine and cosmetic medicine.

P.A.Mahwaush Ehsan

Physician Assistant

I am currently working with Dr. Sabha and Dr. Waqar Cheema since completing my physician assistant degree at the University of Toronto in 2016. My mother’s dream for me was to be a doctor, to have that passion to help others. My interest in science encouraged me to become a health professional. I am an IMG from Pakistan where I completed my MBBS degree at the University of Faisalabad. I have now worked as a doctor for 4 years. Patients distinguish me from the ability to make the trip to the doctor easy, thanks to my helpful personality and efficient diagnosis. Being fluent in English, Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi add a cherry on the top.